Thursday, 5 February 2015

Web Services Testing FAQs (Page5)

21. Is it possible, while usability testing a website?
Usability testing is in fact an important part of the test site. In usability testing, it checks if the website is easy to use. Is it possible that the user can move easily within the website. Is there any ambiguity in the website, which can make the user experience.

22. What is a proxy server?
A proxy server is a server, which acts as an intermediary between the client and the server. Therefore, applications on the primary server is first sent to the proxy server on the client system, which is then sent to the server. The response from the principal server sends the client through the proxy server. The application and / or response can be modified by the proxy server based on filter rules from the server.

23. What are the HTTP response object?
Some of the HTTP response objects are writing, cleaning, counting, etc. HTTP response subclasses are HttpResponseRedirect, HttpResponsePermanentRedirect, HttpResponseBadRequest, HttpResponseNotFound, etc.

24. What are the different test formats for cases, which are part of the test site?
The test case format may vary depending on whether the site is a static website or dynamic website. The static website will have the front of the test cases, test cases, navigation. On the other hand, if the site is a dynamic web site, then test cases are divided into front end test cases, again the final test cases, the field validation test cases, case base test data, test cases, security, etc.

25. Explain the difference between authentication and authorization for web testing?
Authentication is the process by which the system identifies the user. The aim is to ensure that the user is actually a user who claims to be. There are different types of authentication, which can be used as password-based authentication, authentication based devices, etc. On the other hand, the authorization is the process after the authentication process. In this process the system to decide whether a particular task can be performed by the user, does the necessary permissions, etc.

26. Different test scenarios do you consider when you are testing a Web site?
The first hypothesis to check is the graphical user interface. Page layout and design elements used on the website must be uniform throughout the website. The next part of the test are always different links within the website. Along with links, but they also have to be tested, if the navigation is soft and also to check if there is complex. The next important aspect to control is the response time of the website. This will also have to check when there is heavy load on the system.
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