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Latest Web Services Testing Interview Questions and Answers (Page2)

6. What are the important test scenarios for testing a web site?
As a Tester you should test GUI of the website, test whether the page layout and design elements are consistent throughout the site, Whether all the links provided in the website are working properly, What are the expected loads on the server performance of the website (check for webserver response time and database query time)under heavy loads.
As a Test Engineer you should also test the functionality of each and every object existing in the web page while testing a web application

7. What is Glyphs?
Glyph is the picture of the character.

8. What is the difference of approach for Testing Client/server and web applications?
In case of web based testing we have test web browser and pages<br><br>but in case of client server testing we test icon of application <br><br>that is main difference<br>
Web based Application follows the client Server Architecture. Since in web based, we have a client i.e. Browser itself and the server is at some remote location.<br>There is no such difference between client server and web based but it can be said that applications that are based on the client server architecture are different.<br>Eg. Window based application - in them we need to install the application at each of the client user interface server being common for all the clients. but in web based application for user interface there is no need for any installation. The browser is the client itself.

9. What are possible configurations that could affect the testing strategy of any web site?
Hardware platform (PC, Mac), Browser software and version, Browser Plug-Ins, Browser settings options,
Video resolution and Color Depth, text size.

10. What is the difference between testing in client-server applications and web based applications?
Client Server Testing:-
In client server testing test engineer are conduct the following testing’s:-
1.Behaviour testing(GUI TESTING)
2.Input domain testing
3.Error Handling testing
4.Backend testing
In Web testing test engineer are conduct the following testings:-
1.Behaviour Testing
2.Static web testing
3.Input domain testing
4.Backend testing
5.Error handling testing
6.Frame Level testing
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