Thursday, 5 February 2015

26 TOP Web Services Testing Interview Questions and Answers

1. Difference between Web application and web service?
A web application is a database disc.
A web service is a online service, as in Verizon online service,
Web application:
any application which resides on a server, but meant for use by humans,
which uses web pages as the presentation layer. All user interactivity (the GUI) is done
through web pages, but all data is stored and (mostly) manipulated on the server.
Web service:
server-based application (as above) which may be accessed over the web via HTTP, but is meant primarily for interaction with other programs. Thus, it will have a clearly-defined API which consists of providing responses to HTTP GET and POST requests made by a remote application.

2. What are the typical problems in web testing?
1:server problems(ie server down or under maintenance)
2:HardWare problem
3:DataBase problem

3. In n tier Architecture What are the factors should be considered for testing?
Basically 3-tier architecture is for windows based application. Whereas n-tier architecture is for web-based applications. So, We should do the testing related to web-testing.
In 3 tier architecture there are 3 layers in the architecture. They are 1) Application(Presentation) layer 2)Business Logic Layer and 3)Data layer
In n tier architecture, Data layer is divided into 2 layers i.e Data access and Database.
In n tier architecture, Data access layer and Database layer may or may not reside on the same location. Keeping that into consideration we have to prepare Test strategy and Test Approach.

4. What types of web testing security problem?
Denial of Service (DoS) attack, buffer overflow.
*Pasting internal url directly into browser address bar without login.
*Check reactions for invalid inputs for login id and password
*User should not view the other stats.

5. What bugs are mainly come in webtesting what severity and priority we are giving
The bug that mainly comes in web testing are cosmetic bugs on web pages , field validation related bugs and also the bugs related to scalability ,throughput and response time for web pages.
During the website application testing, bug related to the link broken also comes.
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