Thursday, 5 February 2015

Interview Questions and Answers on SAP PP for freshers and experienced pdf (Part2)

6. Do you have products with a large number of variants?  Do you need Variant Configuration?
We can have any number of varaint product. It is optional you can configurate it or at the timne of slaes order with will be ask for features and options. Every varraint has unique indentificatin number.

7. Do you have different BOMs for a material in different plants?
Generally we have following BOMs
1.Product Tree
2. Parent- component relationship
3. Multilevel Bill
4.Multiple Bill
5. Single Level Bill
6. Indented bill
7. Summarized parts list
8. Planning bill
9. where- used report
10. Pegging report

8. What are all the different manufacturing scenarios in pp?
There are different scenarios in SAP PP module.
1)Make to stock
2)Make to order
3)External processing (Subcontracting)
4)Rework processing
5)Prodcution in another plant

9. Explain what is the meaning of exploding a BOM?
it is the process of multiplying the requirement by the usage quantity and recording the appropriate requirements throughout the product tree.

10. what is the difference between PP and PP-PI? Which one is better and how?
PP--> Prodction Planning mostly used for descrete type of industries , where at the time of confirmation the output is sure to be fixed. eg Automobile
PP- PI--> Production Planning for Process Industries , here mostly used for the typical chemical industries , as the Yield is not fixed due to chemical reaction yield values can be varied to noticable extent.
 Eg X+Y =Z some 10 kg of X
and 1 KG of Y givs yiled that is Z of 10 Kg only.
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