Thursday, 5 February 2015

22 TOP SAP PP Interview Questions and Answers pdf (Part1)

Below are some important SAP PP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
1. What are the costing parameter?
The costing Parameters are the following Work centre : Activity types and the formulaes,cost center
Routing : the time ,activity types
In Production order dependent parameters we are defining the Variant ,result analysis key,settlement profile
In the controlling i.e in KP 26 we will be defining the rates per hour depending on the rates it will reflect the cost caluculating from the routing..

2. What is the difference between stock transfer order and stock transport order?
Stock transfer is the transfer of stock for the usage in the same company
whereas stock transport is meant for change of title of stock in the name of the buyer

3. Tell me the planning steps for 100 products?
 CK11n is used for standard cost estimation.
to run that we have to run ck24 also.
Use CK40N f0r 100 products

4. What we will do after the marking and releasing of standard price in product costing?
Price update and the same reflects in the accounting view of the material master.

5. Do you have several alternative BOMs for a material, depending on the manufacturing procedure or lot size, for example (multiple BOM)?
yes you can have several alternative BOMs for a material, only thing is you need to define every BOM with different  product structure type.
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