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Interview Questions on SAP MM pdf free download (Part5)

Below are some important SAP MM interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
41.  What is the difference between standard purchasing organization and reference purchasing organization?
Purchasing organization is an organizational unit within Logistics. A standard purchasing organization must be provided to one or more plants for which it is directly responsible for procurements.
A purchasing organization is assigned to reference purchase organization to avail conditions and centrally agreed contracts or release orders contained in the assigned reference purchasing organization

42.  Why do we use document types in SAP?
Document types are used to distinguish the business transactions to be posted. It also helps in determining the account types to be posted and subsequent transactions to complete the process. Document types are defined at client level.

43.   Can we receive the goods before the scheduled delivery date in scheduling agreement?
No, we cannot receive the goods before scheduled delivery date. GR can be posted on or after the scheduled dates. Though, SAP has provided some OSS notes to resolve this. (708973, 741385)

44.  Can changes be made in PO once it is released?
This can be controlled by settings given in release indicator in PO release procedure. If it is a significant change, it will re-trigger approval cycle.

45.  What is the use of ‘Info Update’ indicator in purchasing documents?
This indicator is used to decide if the info record is to be created/updated or not based on this purchasing document.

46.  What is a Material Ledger?
A material ledger retains all transactions that relate to the purchase and use of materials for producing goods. Material ledger data is valuation and control data for a material in a plant for a specific posting period. Material ledger contains data for material movements that are relevant to the valuation of the material.

47.  What is a ‘Return Delivery’?
Return Delivery is used if we want to return goods to a vendor for any reason such as bad quality, or bad packaging etc. In normal cases, return delivery is done by movement type 122. For creating return delivery, reason for return is a mandatory field.

48.  How to deactivate a vendor so that it cannot be used for further transactions?
A vendor can be blocked at various levels as follows:
All Company Code
Single Company Code
All Purchasing Organization
Single Purchasing Organization

49.  What is EAN?
An article can be carried in different units of measure. An European article number (EAN) is created as a unique indicator for each of these units of measure. The most important use of EANs within a company is to identify articles at the point of sale (POS) using the barcode.

50.  What are basic tables used for Material Master?
Some of the basic tables used in Material master are:
MAKT: Material Descriptions
MARA: General Material Data
MARD: Storage Location Data for Material
MVER: Material Consumption
MARC: Plant Data for Material
MVKE: Sales Data for Material
MAST: Material to BOM link
MARM: Unit of Measurement
MBEW: Material Valuation
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