Thursday, 5 February 2015

(Production Planning) Interview Questions - SAP Help (Part3)

Below are some important SAP PP interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
11. Can we create Production order without bom and routing ?
yes we can create a production order without BOM & routing. Change the Config in OPL8 (order type dependent parameters) as routing optional. But it may ask for a sales order when we try to create order using CO01

12. What is the difference between PP and PP-PI? Which one is better and how ?

PP--> Production Planning mostly used for discrete type of industries, where at the time of confirmation the output is sure to be fixed. eg Automobile
PP- PI--> Production Planning for Process Industries , here mostly used for the typical chemical industries , as the Yield is not fixed due to chemical reaction yield values can be varied to noticeable extent. Eg X+Y =Z some 10 kg of X and 1 KG of Y gives yield that is Z of 10 Kg only.

13. If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can i solve that problem in SAP ?
According to me COGI is basically a SAP standardized system which will tell you that what is the error in some cases it can rectify it too. But if the entry is done manually by MB1A, MB1B, MB1C you have to bring back or cancel the movement or move the stock to desired material and then refresh COGI.

14.  If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can we solve that problem in SAP ?
First you have to do revoke Teco and then process the order, otherwise system won't allow..
15. Explain why their is need of production version ?
In production version, we assign the BOM and ROUTING combination. And in case of alternate BOMs , it clears which alternative bom has to be selected automatically.
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