Monday, 2 February 2015

IBM Rexx Interview Questions and Answers (Part2)

6. Can ooRexx run normal Rexx programs?

7. Does uni-REXX give me any capabilities designed specifically for the UNIX environment?
In addition to the standard language features, uni-REXX includes a rich set of functions designed specifically for a UNIX environment. These functions can be classified into the following categories (with examples of each shown in parentheses): environment control (CHDIR, GETENV, PUTENV, GETCWD, etc.) file and directory management (_OPENDIR, _READDIR, _STAT, etc.) process management (_GETPID, _FORK, _WAIT, _KILL, etc.) configuration management (_GETUID, _GETHOSTNAME, etc.) system error processing (_ERRNO, _SYSERRLIST) regular expression processing (_REGEX) interprocess communications (_SOCKET, _CONNECT, _SEND, _RECV, etc.) The uni-REXX Reference Manual provides detailed documentation of all of these UNIX-specific functions, including examples. The uni-REXX sample library includes an example of a client/server application written in uni-REXX. The TWG Technical Support staff is also available to answer your questions.

8. For which platforms is uni-REXX available?
uni-REXX is now available on SUN's Solaris 7/8/9, H/P's HP/UX 10/11, IBM's AIX 4/5, SGI's IRIX 5/6, NCR UNIX, Linux Intel and S/390.

9. Have you already used Rexx - even for limited purposes? Do you need to maintain a high level of productivity during your transition to UNIX?
Further, uni-REXX is very easy to use, even if your previous experience with it is limited. The syntax is very natural (English-like); there are no data types to declare; interpretive execution facilitates rapid development and debugging; and the interface to the operating system is seamless.

10. How long does the install of ooRexx take?
30 seconds or less, depending on your hardware!
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