Monday, 2 February 2015

REXX Interview Questions, Answers for Freshers and Experienced pdf (Part3)

11. If I have limited experience with Rexx or it's been a long time since I've used it, what kind of help is available to get me started?
uni-REXX comes with a sample library that includes a examples of a variety of application types. These include * utilities for: date calculations and conversions printing on a remote host creating new userids (AIX) running dbxw debugger on a process in another window simulating the "which" command for UNIX implementations that do not have it printing a visual depiction of a directory structure * functions to: convert a system-independent filename into a local filename perform specialized string search add math functions to uni-REXX * filters to: uppercase all characters in an input stream replace simulated box drawing (using "|", "+", "_") with real box drawing characters remove backspace characters from an input stream (useful for reformatting the output of a man page for ASCII printing * illustrations of using the APIs to embed uni-REXX as a scripting language in compiled language applications * example of using the UNIX-specific functions for a client/server application

12. Is ooRexx compatible with IBM Object REXX?

13. Is ooRexx compatible with Rexx?

14. Is there an AIX version of ooRexx?
ooRexx for AIX is available starting with the 3.1 release.

15. What is uni-REXX?
uni-REXX is a UNIX implementation of IBM's popular Rexx programming language as defined by M. F. Cowlishaw in The Rexx Language.
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