Monday, 2 February 2015

22 TOP IBM Rexx Interview Questions and Answers pdf

1. Can I cleanly uninstall ooRexx?

2. Can I combine uni-REXX with a compiled language in my application? What application programming interfaces are available? For example, can I share variables between uni-REXX and a compiled language?
uni-REXX offers a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs allow you to start a Rexx program from the compiled language program define new host command environments for Rexx access Rexx program variables access the Rexx program stack specify user-supplied exits terminate the Rexx program add user-defined functions that can be called by the Rexx program The uni-REXX Reference Manual contains complete documentation for all of these APIs, including examples and documentation of the control blocks used by the APIs. The uni-REXX Sample Library includes a variety of examples illustrating the use of APIs individually and in combination.

4. Can I redistribute ooRexx freely with commercial software?

5. Can ooRexx run IBM Object REXX programs?
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