Monday, 2 February 2015

WebSphere Application Server Part6 - Job Interview Question Books

51. What is jdbc?
jdbc is a low level pure java api used to execute sql statements.

52. What is datasource?
A data source is associated with a jdbc provider that supplies the specific jdbc driver implementation class

53. What is diff b/w type4 and type2?
type4 type2
1. It is pure java oriented is not a pure java oriented driver 2.require client side software need any client software

54. Some application not accessing, so what is the problem? This information which log file contains?
systemout, systemerr

55. In type3 client software which machine you have install?
server side machine

56. two databases there (oracle and db2),so I want 3 datasources for oracle and 2 data sources for db2 so create 3 datasource names for oracle and 2datasourcename for db2 is possible or not?

57. What is jndi?
we can register resources in the application server’s java naming and directory interface (jndi) namespace. Client applications can then obtain the references to these resource objects in their programs.

58. Why use the boostrap port number?
client applications use the bootstrap port to access websphere’s built-in object request broker (orb) to use enterprise java beans in applications installed on the application server. The java naming and directory interface service provider url used by the client application needs to reference the bootstrap port to obtain an initial context for looking up ejb’s it wants to use. (For communicate two servers)

59. What are the appserver components?
admin server, web container, ejb container,j2c service, naming server, messaging engine, security server.

60. How to start the server? server1
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