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Experts' voice on SAP SD: Interview Question and Answers (Part8)

Below are some important SAP SD interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
71. What three sources provide data for the creation of a sales document?
i. Material Master, Customer Master, Previous referenced documents.

72. Name several input tools that make order entry faster and give a definition of them?
i. Customer Material Information, Product Proposal , Referencing Documents.

73. In R/3, can you automatically substitute one product for another? How? What would you have to create?
i. Yes. Product Selection / Material Determination.

74. Give a definition of replenishment lead time?
i. Total time for the in-house production or for the external procurement of a product. In in-house production the replenishment lead time is determined to cover all BOM levels.

75. What's the difference between checking availability with or without replenishment lead time (RLT)?
i. With RLT : Availability check is done only upto end of RLT. If material is not available the date on which RLT ends is displayed as Material Availability Date.
ii. Without RLT : Availability check is unrestricted. Displays Delivery Dates as on which partial deliveries can be made with available stock.

76. Name at least three item categories?
i. Standard Items : AFN, AGN, TAN.
ii. Free of charge Items: AFNN, AGNN, TANN.
iii. Non-stock Items : AFX, AGX, TAX.
iv. Text Items : AFTX, AGTX, TATX.

77. Why would you use different item and schedule line categories?
i. Item categories are defined to provide additional control functions for the sales documents and thus meet the demands resulting from the different business transactions.
ii. The items in a sales document are divided into one or more schedule lines. These schedule lines differ from each other with respect to date and quantity. For some schedule lines, material requirements planning is not carried out; for other schedule lines, it is carried out. Also goods receipt, not goods issue, is posted for a schedule line defined in a returns document.

78. Different dates will be calculated in order entry scheduling . Can you name the lead time variables that will be taken into account?
i. Transportation lead time, Pick/pack time, Loading time, Transit time .

79. When you carry out availability check, which quantities or movements can the system take into consideration?
i. The following elements can be included in the availability check:
ii. Stocks : safety stock, stock in transfer, stock in quality inspection, blocked stock.
iii. Inward and outward movements : purchase orders, purchase requisitions, planned orders, production orders, reservations, dependent reservations, dependent requirements, sales requirements, delivery requirements.

80. Give some examples of sales document types (description, not necessary the short code) that already set up in the standard system?
i. Indicator used to control the processing of the various sales documents which are defined in the system. E.g., OR, SO, BV, KR. Document types allow the system to process different kinds of business transactions, such as standard orders and credit memo requests, in different ways.
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