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Download Free SAP SD Job Interview Questions Answers (Part9)

81. Can you maintain texts for a specific customer and store them in the system? If yes, where?
i. Yes. Customer Material Information.

82. When the system checks availability which scheduling would it use first?
i. Backward Scheduling.

83. Name the influencing factors for the determination of the availability date?
i. The following data is required for determining this date:
- Route from the shipping point to the ship-to party location
- Shipping point from which the goods are issued
- Loading group from the material master record
- Weight group determined from the order using the order quantity.

84. Name the three delivery possibilities when there is not enough stock available?
i. One Time Delivery, Complete Delivery, Partial Deliveries.

85. Can you think of an example why you would have to create a text for a customer and copy it to the sales order?
i. Customer specific instructions.

86. What is the function of item category group?
i. The item category group determines how a material is processed in the sales order. It defines, for example, that pricing does not take place for a free of charge
item, such as a business gift; or that inventory management is not carried out for a service. When processing sales and distribution documents, the system uses the item category group to determine the item category. The system determines the item category based on the item category group of the material and the current business transaction, and proposes it in the respective document.
ii. When creating the material types non-stock material and services, DIEN is proposed in both cases for the item category group, because the order processing for both material types is identical: for example, pricing is carried out for both, but no availability check.

87. What is a delivery group and why would you use it?
i. The complete delivery and delivery group functions enable you to combine some or all of the items in a sales order so that they are delivered to the customer together. The system determines automatically the latest delivery date possible for the delivery group and adjusts the schedule lines accordingly.
Corresponding requirements for material requirements planning (MRP) are changed or re-determined.

88. What is backorder processing?
i. The backorder processing functions enable you to list relevant sales documents for specific materials and process them from the point of view of availability. You can assign available to promise (ATP) stock to outstanding order quantities. In addition, you can withdraw already confirmed quantities and reassign them to different
ii. Backorder processing is only available for materials with individual requirements.

89. Can you link items in a sales order? If yes, when would you do that?
i. Yes. Promotional Items.

90. What are the two techniques in delivery scheduling?
i. Backward Scheduling & Forward Scheduling.
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