Thursday, 5 February 2015

sap sd: sap sd interview questions with answers (Part7)

Below are some important SAP SD interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
61. Do you always have to have a material master record number when you enter an item on a sales document (inquiry and quote)? If not what would you have to use to be able to enter information at item level?
i. No. Customer Material Information or Material Description.

62. If a customer doesn't place an order with you after you have sent him a quotation, what happens to the quotation document?
i. Remains active till the end of validity period.

63. Can you have alternative items in a sales order?
i. Yes.

64. If you reference an inquiry when creating a quotation,would the inquiry be updated?
i. Yes.

65. Can you copy one inquiry to many quotations ?
i. No.

66. Can you copy several previous documents into one sales order?
i. Yes.

67. From where is the delivering plant transferred into the sales order?
i. Customer Master, Material Master.

68. Which partner function is relevant for the delivering plant? The sold-to-party , bill-to-party, payer, carrier or the ship- to- party?
i. Ship-to party.

69. Which reference statuses can a document have at item level? Which statuses at header level?
i. Item level: Partial, Full.
ii. Header level: Full.

70. What's the advantage of using text as a reference instead of duplicating it?
i. Can be modified if needed.
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