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advertising job interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced pdf (Page 3)

Below are some important Advertising interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

21. Whichever company has offered a money back guarantee, very few people in the market claim back. Should we still have the proof to support companies advertising claims?
Yes, Company should have the records and the proofs to support their company’s advertising claims, as it is not a substitute for substantiation.

22. Are there any limits on ads for alcoholic beverages can run and how they can exhibit?
The ads shown for alcoholic beverages should be very truthful to the best of the knowledge unlike other ads. In addition to these alcohol ads, contents or placement may not be directed to underage customers. Few broadcasters place additional restrictions as to when and where these alcohol ads should run.

23. When a company distributes the catalog of products manufactured by other companies, what will be the main responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the content mentioned in the catalog?
Usually people tend to repeat what other companies say about their product, which also includes the companies, which has online catalog. One should have the proper material back up the claims. Hence once should ensure that the company ad catalog is not a duplicate of the other company’s ad and the same content is not mentioned.

24. How do you conclude on saying who is the target audience for the ad you will release shortly?
One should determine the target audience by knowing the area of business, goal of your market research, by determining your sales demographics and hence establish a target audience. Before outlining he target audience ensure you address yourself the below questions and then conclude on the target audience.
? The product we are marketing what is the average age line of the customer.
? Which gender will be mainly interested in using our company’s products and services?
? Approximately what will be the average salary or income of the potential customers for our product?
? What will be their marital status and education qualification?
? Our product and services is a luxury item or a need in the current market.
? How will be the usage of our products?
? What should we make to draw the attention of the customers to our product?
? What is the uniqueness in our product (personalized attention? Is that Low price, easily available, accessible? Special features?)?
? Which is the special feature, which we can highlight and market?
? In general, what is the customers liking and disliking on such various range of products?
? What is the method of payment? Will it be Installment, Cash, and Credit cards?
? How can we gather information on these above areas? (newspapers, Internet, Magazines, Books, Television?

25. What do you know about internet Advertising?
Today Internet is one of the easiest means to advertise which in turn helps marketers to consume. There are certain rules, which have to be followed and applied as similar to other forms of advertising. Those rules will help business and consumers to maintain the internet credibility, which is a highly effective advertising medium.

26. How important disclaimer or disclosure does should be in ads?
The information should be presented very clearly and conspicuously so that the same will be noticed by the customer and understand the same. A very neat fine print is very important on the bottom of the print ad.

27. How disclaimer and disclosure does work online?
Regardless of the means of the advertisement whether printing ads or mail or online the policy of disclaimer and disclosure remains same. It must be clear and conspicuous though online advertising special guidance, which has to be followed as also few issues like popup windows, hyperlinks, scrolling and banner ads should be looked.

28. What is the truth involved in advertising rules which applies to advertisers?
Advertisers should always ensure the following is kept in mind before advertising.
1. Advertising must always be highly truthful and non-deceptive.
2. Ads should be a fair deal.
3. Advertisers should always keep backups on the claims and have evidence for their advertising.

29. What responsibility does a company have to make sure that Advertising prices are accurate?
In many jurisdictions, companies are legally required to charge no more than the advertised or shelf price for a product, so good pricing practices are important for both customer satisfaction and a company's bottom line.

30. How much of an advertised product is a retail store required to stock?
According to the FTC's Retail Food Store Rule, grocers must offer rain checks or product substitutes of comparable value when they run out of advertised items. They also can comply by ordering quantities of the item sufficient to meet reasonably anticipated demand or by disclosing in ads that items are available only in limited quantities or only at some stores. Although the specific terms of the Rule apply only to retail food stores, other companies advertising products available in limited quantity or only at some stores may want to make similar disclosures to reduce the risk of deception.
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