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advertising coordinator interview questions answers (Page 2)

Below are some important Advertising interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. What is touch points in restaurant?
A touch point is an interaction with a potential customer. It includes literal interactions with customers, such as speaking to them when they make a phone reservation or greeting them when they walk through the restaurant door. Touch points also include high tech interactions, such as automated reservation systems and web sites. Public relations and advertising such as print ads, flyers, t-shirts with logos, coupons, and billboards are important touch points as well. The best restaurant owners will capitalize on Touch points like valet parking attendants and bussers. Often ignored Touch points are Customer Interaction with -
1. Valet Parking Attendants
2. Customer Interaction with bus boys
3. Reservation
4. Greeting guests
5. Wait staff interaction

12. What is a press release?
Press release also known as a news release is a written or recorded communication for news media for announcing something claimed as having news value.

13. What is a news article?
A news article is a gathering of facts written by journalist published in the news or the print media.

14. What is the truth involved in advertising rules which applies to advertisers?
1. Advertisers should always ensure the following is kept in mind before advertising.
2. Advertising must always be highly truthful non-deceptive.
3. Ads should be a fair deal.
4. Advertisers should always keep backups on the claims and have evidence for their advertising.

15. What are the evidences one should hold for the claims they get on the ads they put up?
Whenever company runs an ad it should have a reasonable basis for the claims they get, which is the evidences for the claims that they receive. These claims must be healthy and safe claims and which has a competent and scientific evidences that is evaluated by qualified people and can be reviewed, modified, and can make additions to it.

16. What do you if you run out of ideas for new Ad?
One should always be creative when you are in advertising field. When you are running out of ideas refer internet, forums, open source ad sense, and blogs, advanced search engine options, use various communication groups, and approach them for to get ideas.

17. What is the main cause for advertisement to be deceptive?
An ad is deceptive when it omits any information or contains any wrong statement. As it is likely to mislead the customers who will be reacting reasonably under various circumstances and which will help the customer to analyze and decide whether to buy or use the product.

18. Letter from satisfied customers are enough to substantiate claims.
No, these letters usually signifies as a healthy and safely claims which required objective claims and evaluations.

19. What kinds of penalties are involved against a company that runs a deceptive ad?
Penalties are considered on the nature of violation the company has done by using a deceptive ad. Usually penalties could be as follow:

1. Civil penalties
2. Cease and desist orders
3. Consumer redress
4. Monetary compensation

20. What makes an advertisement unfair?
If it is likely to cause a substantial injury to the customer, which consumer cannot avoid. If it not beneficial to the customer
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