Thursday, 29 January 2015

Training and development Part3officer interview questions

11. How would you end your training session? 
The well experienced trainer would end the training session with the summary of the whole session/story/real life business example/ feedback mechanism to evaluate the usefulness of both the training session and trainer as well.

12.What specific skills do you bring to the trainer position?
Refer to the essential skills and behaviors that every successful trainer needs. These include technical skills such as knowledge of adult learning principles, business core competencies such as knowledge and understanding of basic business principles and organizational behavior and personal competencies such as planning and organizing skills, information gathering and analysis, communication and presentation skills, coaching skills, adaptability, creativity and resilience. Support your answer with work related examples.

13.Give me an example of a learning intervention you implemented which was successful. Why do you think it worked well?
Take the interviewer through each step of the training process from identifying the training needs to designing the right learning intervention, to presenting the training program and evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention. Highlight the key skills you used from problem assessment to decision-making to presentation skills to evaluation skills.

14.What has been the most difficult training situation that you have had to deal with and what did you do?
Training employees can present many challenges. Some common difficulties include lack of manager or supervisor support, disinterest and lack of motivation from the employee, lack of engagement from participants and poor learning transfer to the job. The key to answering these trainer interview questions is to explain how you analyzed why the difficulty occurred and what actions you took to improve the situation from redesigning the training to conducting feedback workshops with participants and supervisors.

15.How have you gone about identifying employee training needs in the organization?
Finding out training needs includes communicating with managers and supervisors, conducting surveys, talking to the employees and observing on the job performance. Analyzing performance management feedback and organizational, departmental and operational needs. Give a specific example.

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