Thursday, 29 January 2015

Latest Training and development Part4 interview questions and answers

16.Tell me about a recent training program that you ran. How did you make sure that the skills were successfully transferred to the work situation.
Learning transfer is an ongoing process. Ways of assessing the degree of transfer include observation, talking to supervisors, customers, colleagues and getting feedback from the employee. Focus on key requirements for training transfer starting with a training program that is properly linked to real work life experience to manager and supervisor support and reinforcement back on the job.

17. Describe a recent on-the-job training activity you facilitated.
On the job training presents its own challenges including distractions, lack of structure and nervousness from the employee. Take a specific example and discuss how you managed the difficulties.

18.What do you consider the key criteria for training to be effective?
When answering trainer interview questions about effective training relate it to actual examples. Effective training means the employees are engaged in the training, learn new skills, ideas and knowledge. The process enhances employee self esteem and instills confidence and motivation. The participants are able to transfer effectively what has been learned into the work environment. The training meets the employee's development and training needs and helps fulfill the organization's goals and objectives.

19.What training methods have you used and which have proven the most effective in your experience?
Professional trainers use a variety of methods including role playing, simulation, lectures, case studies. Assess the training needs of the employees, determine which skills and knowledge need to be learned and then decide on the most appropriate training method for imparting these specific skills, abilities and knowledge. The method must match the participants' profile and needs and the learning material.

20.How do you keep current with the latest developments and ideas about business training?
Focus on your motivation for professional development and learning. Do you attend seminars, subscribe to relevant publications, do research on the internet etc.

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