Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thought LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

31. what is MS-windows. 
WinRunner used for MS-Window application .

32. what is X-Windows. 
X-runner and VX-runner for X-Windows application.

33. What is LoadRunner API function. 
Data base vuser do not operate client application. Using LoadRunner API function the database vuser can access the data from the server.

34. how you develop the database vuser script. 
Developing the database vuser script either by recording with LoadRunner vuser script generator (VuGen) or by using LoadRunner vuser script template.

35. how many section database vuser script have. 
3 section ,written in code that assemble in C, SQL call to the database, written in TSL(test script language).

36. how you enhance the basic script. 
By adding control-flow, structure, by inserting transaction point and rendezvous point, adding functions

37. what is run-time-setting. 
Run-time-setting include loop.log and timing information.

38. what is stand-alone mode. 
To verify that the script runs correctly.

39. what type of function generate and insert by the vugen to the script when you record a script. 
1-LR Function.(vuser function) 2- protocol function.

40. what is LR-function. 
obtain the information about vuser running in a scenario .
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