Saturday, 31 January 2015

LoadRunner Part5 Interview Questions and Answers

41. what is protocol function. 
Obtain the information about the type of vuser.

42. what are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script. 
Vugen contain the 3 section .

43. what is vuser-init section. 
Record a log in to the server(vuser initialize loaded).

44. what is action section. 
Record the client activity .

45. what is vuser-end section. 
Record a log off in to the server (vuser stoped).

46. how vugen create a vuser script. 
By recording the activity between client and server.

47. How you edit the script. 
While editing the script we have to inserting the transaction point and rendezvous point.

48. what is the LoadRunner start-transaction and its syntax. 
It will start the transaction on the script. Syntax. Lr-start-transaction("transaction name").

49. what is the LoadRunner end transaction and its syntax. 
It will end the transaction. Syntax. Lr-end-transaction("transaction name", LR-AUTO).

50. where you insert the rendezvous point. 
Rendezvous point insert in to the script to calculate the peak load of the server. Syntax. lr-rendezvous("rendezvous name").
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