Saturday, 31 January 2015

LoadRunner Testing Interview Questions and Answers

51. what are the element in the LoadRunner controller. 
Title bar(name of the scenarion presently working). Menu bar(selecting the various command). Tool bar. Status bar.

52. what are the 5 icons appear in the buttom of the controller windows. 
1-host windows(list of machine).
2-script windows(list of all the vuser script)
3-rendezvous windows.
4-transaction windows(display all the transaction) .
5-output window( display error and notification message).

53. what is .lrs. 
LoadRunner save the information in a scenario files.

54. what is scenario wizard. 
Through scenario wizard we can create a new scenario.

55. what is filtering and sorting. 
We can filter the information display only those items that meet the selected criteria(filter box) .exam you can filter vuser only those who are in ready state. Sorting - we can sort all the vuser in the vuser list. In order to their vuser ID(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

56. what are the information crating for each host. 
1-the status of the host.
2-the platform type of the host(windows/unix).
3-details of the scenario.

57. how to create a host list for a scenario. 
1-install remote command luncher on every machine.
2-add the name of the host to the host lists.
3-set attributes for each host.
4-select which hosts will take part in the scenario.

59. what the host attributes determine. 
1-the maximum number of vuser that host can run.
2-the initialization quota .
3-the location of the WinRunner configuration file.
4. the location of the file during run-time.

60. how you set maximum number of vuser that a host can run. 
We can modify the maximum number of vuser according to the (available resource , the needs of your scenario, LoadRunner license agreements).
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