Saturday, 31 January 2015

Automation Testing - LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

61. what do you mean by initialization of quota. 
Capabilities of the host that at a time how many vuser Are initialize .

62. when the LoadRunner controller open the WinRunner file then what is the location of the winner configuration file. 

63. what is scenario default. 
Instruct the vuser to use the WinRunner configuration file.

64. what is local configuration file. 
Instruct the vuser to use hosts WinRunner configuration file.

65. what do you mean by path. 
Use WinRunner configuration file that is in a specific location on the network.

66. during run time where the hosts saves the files. 
In temporally in the local drive of each host.

67. what is script list. 
It contain all the vuser script that vuser can run.

68. what are the information contain by script windows for each script in the list. 
1-name of the vuser script .
2-the type of the vuser.
3-the location(path).
4-command line option.

69. How to modify the script. 
Using vuser script information dialog box.

70. what is the purpose of running the scenario. 
To check the response time of the client/server system under load.
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