Saturday, 31 January 2015

LoadRunner Part8 Interview Questions and Answers

71. why we insert the rendezvous point while running the scenario. 
If a multiple vuser to perform a tasks at exactly the same time.

72. when a scenario run exactly what happened. 
1-The controller check the scenario configuration information.
2-then next it invoke the application that you select to run with the scenario .
3- then transform each script to its related hosts, when the vuser are ready they start execution.

73. how to run a scenario. 
Open an existing scenario .
Configure the scenario.
Set the result directory.
Run the scenario.

74. when you initialize the vuser what happen. 
The vuser status change from DOWN to PENDING to INITILIZAING to READY. If vuser fails to initialize , the vuser status changes to ERROR.

75. what is pause command. 
It changes the status of the vuser from RUNNING TO PAUSE.

76. what is running virtual user graph. 
It displays the number of the vuser that execute vuser script during each second of the scenario run. Only running and rendez state are include.(loading, ready and pause are not displayed).

77. What is report viewer? 
Each report viewer contain the report header and report viewer tool bar.

78. what is report header and what are the information contains. 
It display general scenario information and it contain the information like (title, scenario, result start time, end time and duration).

79. what is rendezvous graph. 
It indicate when vuser were released from rendezvous point and how many vuser are released from each help the transaction performance time .

80. what is transaction per second graph(pass). 
It display the number of complited , successful transaction perform during each second of scenario run.
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