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Latest LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

21. what is planning for the test. 
Define the performance testing requirements for example no. of concurrent users, typical business processes and required response time.

22. what do you mean by creating vuser script. 
Creating vuser script for emulate the action that virtual user Perform during the scenario execution.

23. what are the process for developing a vuser script. 
There are 5 steps for developing a vuser script.
1-recording the vuser script .
2-edit the vuser script.
3-runtime setting .
4-run the vuser script in stand-alone mode.
5-incorporate the vuser script into a LoadRunner scenario.

24. how to create a scenario? 
We have to install LoadRunner controller to the host . Then we include list of host(where vuser script execute) then list of vuser script (where vuser run) and then list of vuser that run during the scenario.

25. what do you mean by Remote Command Launcher(RCL). 
Rcl enables the controller to start the application on the Host machine .

26. what is LoadRunner Agent. 
Agent is interface between host machine and controller.

27. how you load a LoadRunner Agent. 
Controller instruct the remote command luncher to lunch the Agent .

28. how many types of vuser are available. 
There are several type of vuser(GUI ,Database ,RTE(terminal emulator), SAP, DCOME, People soft, java, Baan)

29. what is GUI vuser and on which platform it will run. 
GUI vuser operate graphical user interface application and it can run in either the MS-Windows / X-Windows environment .
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