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LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

11. What is scenario? 
A scenario defines the events that occur during is testing session. Exam (deposit cash, withdraw money…).

12. what is the vuser in the scenario. 
LoadRunner replace the human user with vuser.

13. What is vuser script? 
While run a scenarion every vuser execute a script that script known as vuser script .

14. What the vuser script contain. 
The vuser script includes the function that measure and record the performance of the server during the scenario.

15. What is transaction? 
Transaction measure the time, which takes for the server to respond to task submitted by the vuser.

16. What is rendezvous point. 
To emulate peak load on the server.

17. When the rendezvous point is insert. 
When multiple vuser to perform tasks at exactly the same time then insert the rendezvous point to emulate the peak load on the server.

18. What is LoadRunner controller? 
Controller is manage and maintain the scenario. using controller you control all the vuser in single work station .

19. what is Host. 
Host is machine which execute the vuser script.

20. what are the LoadRunner testing process. 
There are 5 steps.
1-planning the test.
2-creating the vuser script.
3-creating the scenario.
4- running the scenario.
5-analysis the test result.
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