Thursday, 29 January 2015

SAP PM (Part5) Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

21. How to configure system to allow notification type change ?
You can define in SPRO the "Allowed change of notification type". Please follow the below path:
Maintenance and Service Processing --> Maintenance and Service Notification --> Notification Creation --> Notification types --> Allowed change of notification type

22. Why change data not display in order ?
Please check if the check box for change documents is checked or not in Customizing
PATH:- Plant Maintenance & customer service --> Maintenance & service processing --> Maintenance & service Orders -->Functions & settings for order types --> Define Change Docs,Collective Pur.Req.Indicator,Operation No.Interval

23. How overheades are calculated and from where the formula is picked ?
My client has default setting of 10% overhead and now they want to change.
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service--> Maintenance and Service Processing--> Maintenance and Service Orders--> Functions and Settings for Order Types-->Costing Data for Maintenance--> and Service Orders--> Maintain Costing Sheet
Select the costing sheet that you are using and push costing sheet rows, next see the column overhead rate, select the row and push overhead rate.
consumer number, check your maintenance item or plan details.

24. Do we need to run this transaction code IP30 for all the maintenance plans which are scheduled on regularly daily basis or weekly basis so that if any scheduled object exists then it will get converted into the service order ?
It needs to be run as per business requirements.
There are two ways to do so.
One way manually as & when you run this transaction for required PM Plans say weekly or monthly with your scheduling parameter you will get the maintenance objects.
Another way you create one variant. Now with this variant create one background job as per your need give the time period every day, every week, month & system will generate maintenance calls for you at that specified duration.

25. Is it necessary to run the IP Transaction code for each maintenance plan that we have scheduled ?
Yes, if it is needed that the plan should generate orders it needs to be scheduled either in background job or needs manually executed.
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