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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Interview Questions and Answers List(Part4)

16. What is the menu path for creating a user profile ?
Plant maintenance>technical objects>functional location>labels>user profile.

17. What functions are determined by the category of the functional location ?
Change documents, status profile, asset, object information key, partner determination, measuring point category.

18.  What are activities of a SAP PM ?
The 'SAP Plant Maintenance' comprises of the following activities such as inspection, to measures and establish the actual condition of a technical system, preventive maintenance to measures and maintain the ideal condition of a technical system, repair to measures and restore the ideal condition of a technical system and other measures that need to be taken using the maintenance organization.SAP PM is closely integrated with other modules (for example, Materials Management, Production, Sales and Distribution, Personnel Management, and Controlling) the data is always kept current and processes that are necessary for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service are automatically triggered in other areas (for example, a purchase requisition for non-stock material in the Materials Management/Purchasing area).

19. Explain the meaning of equipment master.
Equipment Master pertains to one of the master data elements within the domain of Operations & Maintenance i.e. The SAP Plant Maintenance Module.
The business object "Equipment" is an individual, physical object that is to be maintained independently. It can be installed in a technical system or part of a technical system.
You can manage all types of device as pieces of equipment (for example, production utilities, transportation utilities, test equipment, production resources/tools, buildings, PCs).
Since many of these physical objects are managed as "assets" in Asset Management, the term "piece of equipment" was chosen for objects defined from a technical perspective, in order to avoid confusion with the activated tangible assets.
You define and manage each piece of equipment in the Plant Maintenance (PM) System in a separate master record and can set up an individual maintenance history for each one.

20. For an equipment master record what fields need to be filled in ?
Depends upon the Equipment. Normally, the fields which used to maintain in an Equipment master are:
Equipment Category, Constr.type (serialized), Planning Plant, Work center, Plant, Maintenance plant, Location. You can attach an equipment to another using superior Equipment filed.
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