Thursday, 29 January 2015

SAP PM (Part3) Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11.  What must you do if you have assets (functional locations) with the same number in several plants ?
You must use the plant reference number as the first level of the functional location structure.

12.  What is the menu path for displaying the structure of a functional location in list form and as a graphic ?
plant maintenance>technical objects>functional location>structural display Give five examples of functional location structures.
Chemical Process, Energy (power station), Property Management, Transport, Steelworks, Production line.

13.  What steps must be defined in customizing for alternative labeling ?
Activate alternative labeling and indicators for primary label. Create a new structure indicator, define labeling system.

14. How do you define an own view for alternative label ?
Activate alternative labeling, define labeling systems for functional locations, enter label internal view.

15. What level of functional locations should be changed for alternative labeling ?
Second level functional locations are to be changed, in changing master records extras>alternative labels>overview, change label 'internal view' choose structure indicator and press refresh.
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