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SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) Interview Questions and Answers

6. What is Work Centre Categoey?
Basically work center category decides the capacity (means ability to do work). The category defines the activity type for costing and scheduling the categories mainly we come accross in the production are labour and machine. Hence to define labour cost, machine cost and setup cost we define work center category to create work center and we enter defaults therein. For a period of time if there are no much changes we generally prefer production line, and if there are much changes in the production we prefer activity type for individual order which we call production order. By this you can understand cat type 001 for machine and cat type for labour.
Work center category used to define which screen selection & field selection for a particular work center.

7. How to set the deletion flag to Functional location and also want to know how to hide the flagged Functional location?
You can use transaction code IL02 to change functional location, highlight the respecitve functional location and go to edit at the top tool bar, their you select functions change and their you can click delete, to set a flag delete.
You cannot hide this fucntional location when you display IH01 , the functional location heirarchy is displayed but once you click it , the screen appears showing the
functional location is created with flag for deletion

8. What is meant by single cycle plan ?how it works?
single cycle plan is may be performance-based or time-based but here it not required to maintain strategy.By entering main. category we will create maint. plan for
particular object by using t-code IP41.

9. What is SAP PM ?
The R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) application component provides you with a comprehensive software solution for all maintenance activities that are performed within a company. The uniform, graphical user interface is particularly user-friendly and quickly meets with acceptance, thanks to the numerous possibilities that are available for tailoring it to meet individual requirements.
The data and functions of all maintenance procedures performed within a company can be fully interconnected.
The openness of the R/3 System enables you to use external systems that are integrated with the PM component, such as geographical information systems (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD) systems and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

10.   Is the functional location structure indicator unique across the system ?
Across clients but not systems.
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