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26. Can a service order be generated automatically without running IP30 if we have scheduled a maintenance plan ?
Yes, you can get a service order (PM Order) against this plant maintenance order with control key as PM03 you can get PR from PR. You can get service order again here MM integration if the auto PO concept used then auto PO (service order) gets generated.
But if you want to avoid lengthy process you can use IP10.
During each IP10 run if call falls within the date you will get maintenance call object that is PM order - ------> PR -----> PO PM Order -----> FO (Frame Work Order) PM Order -----> Service Contract ------> Value / Qty (These tab you will get in PM order operation header general data)
  Where to get the table which is having user status with Notification number. (not the system status).
From table QMEL get OBJNR(object number) using the QMNUM( notification number).
Using this OBJNR get STSMA( Status Profile) from table JSTO.
Using the OBJNR get STAT(object status) from table JEST. You may/ may not get multiple object status for an Object number.
System status number will start from E. User status number will start from I.
To get the text of the status, use the status number (STAT) and STSMA to get the status text from table TJ30T.

27.  How do you distinguish, in a simple manner, between Equipment that is being charged and not charged for service ?
Define different equipment categories. Standard equipment reference categories for 'Internal Machines' and 'Customer Equipment' exist.
  How do you distinguish between company and customer owned equipment? Equipment on land owned by the company and land leased by the company ?
Same as Q1. Explore combinations of equip. category and equipment types to achieve the design objective.

28. How do you define equipment/material loaned/leased to a customer ?
Read documentation on 'Structuring Technical Systems' in 'Plant Maintenance / Service management' modules. You need to define sales area (sales org/dist channel/division) for an equipment with equipment category being one for which the equipment reference category is 'Customer Equipment'.
  How can we block service to a customer ? It has to be done through the FL, since most of the Equipment belongs to the company and is loaned to the customer.
Deactivate the FL. This allows no further creation of transaction data (service orders, etc.). However, the existing orders can be processed and closed. The deactivation can be reversed at a later date.
29. Where is a Service Contract assigned to a piece of equipment ?
Service contract is assigned to a material. Material is assigned to the equipment in the equipment master. This functionality is not intended for managing equipment bought from vendors (where we are getting service rather than providing service).

30.  Is purchasing information (Vendor, date of purchase, etc.) copied from MM to the equipment when it is being created ?
Not in the standard system. But it can be done with ABAP batch jobs.
  When you maintain an assembly in a piece of equipment, is it possible to get maintenance history of the assembly? Do you have to create it as a piece of equipment ?
As maintenance orders are created for FL/equipment only, maintenance history can only be tracked at that level, not at assembly level. Assemblies are mere structuring devices to have spare parts linked to equipment in a structured manner. However, in PM orders, you can mention the assembly along with the FL/Eq. Depending on your reporting needs; an ABAPer could use the 'PM Assembly' field in PM orders.

31.  What is the use of the field "Standing order"? What kind of order is it ?
Standing orders are used to carry out on-going maintenance jobs and settle them at month end rather than creating a fresh PM order every time. Using order hierarchies, you could attach sub-orders to the standing order and settle them to the standing order to provide you with more precise recording of maint costs at sub-order level as well as a budget monitoring at the standing order level.
32. Explain the integration points between PM and MM/FICO during the PM configuration.
Below are some integration aspects:
Integration with MM:
Material master record for Batch Managed material as Equipment
Reservations and Goods Issue for Maintenance Order
Material valuation class/types for refurbishment materials as equipment
Triggering PR from Maintenance Order
Integration with FICO:
Asset/Sub-Asset numbering in Equipment Master Data
Activity based costing for Operations performed through Maintenance Order
Settlement of accrued costs in Maintenance Order to G/L Account,Cost Center, Asset etc.,

33. What is the integration between PM and QM in SAP ?
There are many interwoven activities.
Let us consider one practical issue of Spare Parts purchase.
We prefer to inspect incoming material for compliance of our requirement.
While creation of material master, tick the 'Post to insp. stock' box in the Purchasing Tab.
If we do not want a task list / Result recording oriented inspection, in Quality tab, choose appropriate selections,
When that Spare is received, it will go to Quality Stock.
Maint. person can check it and transfer the stock to "Unrestricted Stock" through MB1B via 261 movement, giving a reason as Accepted after Inspection or Rejected.
Above procedure is a practical example of PM QM integration.

34. How to configure the integration of PP and PM, where it is being done in SPRO, what are the pre-requisite and what are the steps.
In SPRO - Under Maintenance and Service order ---> general data ----> "Create System Conditions or Operating Conditions" --> check the box for PM Reservation.
In the equipment Master,
Under the Location tab, mention the PP work center and
In the Order Header data,
Give the system condition as "0" ie M/C not in operation.
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