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Latest OLAP Part4 Interview Questions and Answers

16) Explain about the database marketing application of OLAP?
Database marketing tool or application helps a user or marketing professional in determining the right tool or strategy for his valuable add campaign. This tool collects data from all sources and gives relevant information the specialist with their add campaign. It gives a complete picture to the developer.

17) What are the different industries which use this marketing tool?
Many different companies can use this tool for developing their business strategy but it is often three major industries which use this tool more. Those three industries are Consumer goods industries, Retail industries, and financial services industry. These industry`s have huge amount of data in their disposal which makes then to use these tools to determine their exact customer.

18) Compare Data Warehouse database and OLTP database. 
Data Warehouse is used for business measures cannot be used to cater real time business needs of the organizationand is optimized for lot of data, unpredictable queries. On the other hand, OLTP database is for real time business operations that are used for a common set of transactions. Data warehouse does not require any validation of data. OLTP database requires validation of data

19) Explain about the view selection problem? 
Often calculating all the data is not possible by aggregations for this reason some of the complex data problems are solved. In order to determine which data should be solved and calculated, developers use View selection application. This solution is often used to reduce calculation problem.

20) Explain about the functionality of OLAP? 
Hyper cube or multidimensional cube forms the core of OLAP system. This consists of measures which are arranged according to dimensions. Hyper cube Meta data is created by star or snow flake schema of tables in RDBMS. Dimensions are extracted from dimension table and measures from the fact table.
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