Saturday, 31 January 2015

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Interview Questions and Answers (Part3)

11) Explain about Hybrid OLAP?
When a database developer uses Hybrid OLAP it divides the data between relational and specialized storage. In some particular modifications a HOLAP database may store huge amounts of data in its relational tables. Specialized data storage is used to store data which is less detailed and more aggregate.

12) Explain about API`s of OLAP?
Microsoft in the late 1997 introduced a standard API known as OLE DB. After which XML was used for analysis specification and this specification was largely used by many vendors throughout the world as a standard specification. MDX is the standards specification for OLAP.

13) Explain about shared features of OLAP?
Shared implements most of the security features into OLAP. If multiple accesses are required admin can make necessary changes. The default security level for all OLAP products is read only. For multiple updates it is predominant to make necessary security changes.

14) Explain about analysis?
Analysis defines about the logical and statistical analysis required for an efficient output. This involves writing of code and performing calculations, but most part of these languages does not require complex programming language knowledge. There are many specific features which are included such as time analysis, currency translation, etc.

15) Explain about multidimensional features present in OLAP?
Multidimensional support is very essential if we are to include multiple hierarchies in our data analysis. Multidimensional feature allows a user to analyze business and organization. OLAP efficiently handles support for multidimensional features.
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