Friday, 30 January 2015

BlackBerry Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers (Part3)

21. How do we provide support to end users? Can they call my organization directly?
A support email address must be included during your application submission process. You can also indicate a website users can visit for support. End users will be provided with your support email contact to receive support for application-related issues.
RIM also recommends vendors provide support information within the help section of their application.

22. Is there a BlackBerry forum for end users and vendors?
BlackBerry App World boards for vendors and end users are active on the BlackBerry forums. View the BlackBerry App World forums

23. Is it possible to add captions to the screenshots?
It’s not possible to add captions to the screenshots at this time.

24. Who can submit applications through the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal?
Most developers from around the world can submit applications for BlackBerry App World.

25. How does RIM determine if an application is suitable for BlackBerry App World?
RIM will review a submitted application for content suitability and perform technical testing to ensure the application meets the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines.
Vendors should test their applications for compatibility against the devices selected during the submission process to avoid test failures and application rejections.

26. Once an application has been submitted, can I make changes to my submission?
Once the application has been submitted, it can no longer be altered. Please ensure all pertinent information has been entered before submitting.
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