Friday, 30 January 2015

BlackBerry FAQ - BlackBerry Questions and Answers

11. What do I need to submit an application?
You’ll need to provide the following information when submitting an application:
Application name
Application language
Description language
Icon (480x480 png image)
License type
COD files
Filebundle language
COD file language
Devices supported
OS version supported
Selected carriers
Restricted carriers
Additional notes
Application version

12. What are the requirements for the icon and screenshots?
The file submitted for the icon is automatically sized for use in various parts of the BlackBerry App World solution. It’s recommended you provide a 480x480, 300dpi, RGB file in PNG format so the icon retains the best possible image quality when the file is converted.

13. Can we add a hyperlink in the description of the application?
You can add a link to the description to enable users to find more information about your application. Please note the description is in plain text and a user won’t be able to click on the link.

14. What billing models are supported on BlackBerry App World?
BlackBerry App World supports one-time billing at the time of download, free applications and the sale of digital goods within applications.
Applications that require a different billing model, such as monthly subscription charges, feature unlocking and pay-per-use may leverage the Payment Service.

15. Can we send end users a message to renew or re-purchase an application?
Users will be notified when updates to applications they’ve already downloaded or purchased are made available on BlackBerry App World.

16. Can we select more than one category for my application?
You can select only one category for your application. Category selection will be evaluated for suitability and an alternate category may be suggested for your application.

17. How’s the tax on purchased applications processed?
Tax is calculated by Digital River and/or Bango and shown on an end user’s purchase confirmation or may be included in the purchase price.

18. Will application prices always be in USD or shown in local currency?
Prices in the catalog will appear in the local or default currency, based on your home carrier.

19. What languages does BlackBerry App World support?
The BlackBerry App World client supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Additional languages will be added in future releases.

20. Can I sell non-English applications on BlackBerry App World?
Yes, you can sell non-English applications on BlackBerry App World. Once you specify the languages supported by your application, you’ll be required to provide application descriptions and application releases (file bundles and/or COD files) that support those languages. To provide a consistent experience to end users, all content on BlackBerry App World is required to be in English.
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