Friday, 30 January 2015

26 TOP Blackberry Interview Questions and Answers

1. Which OS versions does BlackBerry App World support?
BlackBerry App World works with BlackBerry smartphones running OS version 4.5.0 or higher.

2. What type of applications can I sell on BlackBerry App World?
At this time, any applications that can be packaged as a COD file (using the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE), BlackBerry® JDE Plug-in for Eclipse®, BlackBerry JDE component package, BlackBerry® Theme Studio, BlackBerry® Web Plug-in for Eclipse®, BlackBerry® Web Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio® or BlackBerry® Widget SDK).

3. Can we distribute web applications?
Yes, it’s possible to promote and distribute web-based content services for BlackBerry smartphones, provided you offer a web icon application to be distributed on BlackBerry App World.
A web icon application is a small Java® application packaged as a COD file that, once downloaded, provides a dedicated icon on the BlackBerry smartphone that will take the user to a mobile website.

4. Can we distribute my web signals application?
Yes, it’s possible to promote and distribute web signals-based content services, provided you offer a web signal registration application to be distributed through BlackBerry App World.
A web signal registration application is a small Java application packaged as a cod file that, once downloaded, presents the user with the option to launch the web browser to your web signal registration page. Upon signing up to your web signal service, the web signal registration application can be removed by the end user.

5. Can we distribute themes?
Yes, themes can be distributed on BlackBerry App World. Learn about developing rich wireless content for BlackBerry smartphones

6. Can we distribute BlackBerry WebWorks applications?
Yes, BlackBerry WebWorks applications can be distributed on BlackBerry App World. Learn about developing on the BlackBerry WebWorks Platform.

7. An end user needs to download additional free desktop software or register with our free service before they can use an application. How do we inform them of additional requirements to use an application? 
Please specify the requirements in the description of the application posted during the application submission. You can also provide more information within your application through the help section.

8. Can we distribute applications that use cryptographic APIs?
You can distribute applications that use cryptographic APIs provided they adhere to the requirements and restrictions detailed in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement.
You may also be required to provide a Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) reference for Research In Motion (RIM) to obtain additional data on the application and ensure compliance with export control regulations.

9. Can end users review or comment on the application?
End users can submit review comments and rate applications with a star rating. The application rating system will include the following elements:
Users who have downloaded an application can rate the application from 0 to 5 stars.
Users who haven’t downloaded an application aren’t permitted to rate that application.
Users can only rate an application once.
An application’s overall rating is based on the average rating submitted by users.

10. How are applications categorized?
Categories can be selected during the application submission process. Vendors can select one category that applies to an application. All category selections will be reviewed and are subject to change.
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