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40 TOP Reportnet Interview Questions and Answers pdf

1.  What is the main advantage of impromptu over cognos reportnet?
One of the advantage's of Reportnet, is
1. It is web-based reporting wherein, reports can be easily accessed from anywhere through a browser.
by using ipromptu we can use multidimensional analysis to see the data in diff formates.i.e we have drillup,drilldown features in cognos impromtu,but it is not possible in reportnet.

2. What is the difference between Native SQL and Cognos SQL?
In cognos reportnet
Native SQL is used for the single datasource to import the meta data
Cognos SQL used for multiple datasources to import the metadata

3. What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?
'Powerplay transformer' is an 'MOLAP' tool using which one can create multi dimensional structure called "CUBE".
'Powerplay for reports' is used to generate report from the cube.Only one report can be generated from one cube.If u want 'n' reports u must create 'n' cubes.

4. Is there any comparison available for Cognos Reportnet Vs Crystal reports?
There is a lot of difference between Crystal reports an Cognos Report net.
1.Crystal report is a product of Business Objects where as Reportnet is of cognos.
2.Cryatal reports is for only low 2 midrange analysis and that to some even says tha they wont use this for analysis used to make proper strategic decision But report net yes it is for high end analysis.
3.In reportnet we can login through web and can create our own desired report through web.

5. How do i allow a dynamic selection of a column for a measure in a chart,without using Variable
You can in do it in this way. first creat a list report in which u have a calculated item in the starting.
Then creat a prompt page with a value prompt.In value prompt creat static choice of which u want to be dynamically displayed.
Let the parameter of value prompt be ?Par1? and the choices as Revenue, Cost.
Now u write the expression of the calculated item in the report page as follows, "If ?Par1?=Revenue then Revenue else Cost.
Here Revenue,Cost should b dragged from the Model Items. So now the calculated item column displays the value of the one selected in the prompt.
Now make a graph using the list report,then place the calculated item on the axis of the chart ,which u wanted to display dynamically based on ur selection.
So now if u select Revenue in the prompt then the grph will take the values for Revenue.And if u select Cost then graph will be with the values of Cost.

6. How do we drill through from a powerplay cube to reportnet?
Setting up drill-through access from PowerPlay Web to ReportNet involves
1. configuring Cognos Series 7 for drill-through access to ReportNet
2. preparing the Transformer model and cube
3. copying the search path of the folder that contains the target report
4. enabling the cube for drill-through access to ReportNet
5. deciding which filters to create in the target report
6. creating the target report
7. disabling the Drill Through Assistant

7. What are versions of reportnet?
In ReprotNet have two vertions
1) ReportNet 1.0
2) ReportNet 1.1 MR1, MR2

8. What is prompt?types of prompts?use of prompts?syntax of prompt?
Prompts act as questions that help users to customize the information in a report to suit their own needs.The different types of Prompt are
Value prompt
Text Prompt
Date prompt
Time prompt
Date and time prompt
Using prompts is faster and easier than repeatedly changing the filter.
Cognos Report Studio provides several ways to create prompts. You can
• use the Build Prompt Page tool
• build your own prompt and prompt page
• create a parameter to produce a prompt
• create a Prompt directly in a report page

9. What is difference between qurry studio and report studio?
Query Studio:
1. Used to create Ad-hoc (or) simple reports.
2. It does not provide any pre-defined report templates.
3. It directly displays data (without running the report) when we insert attributes in the report.

Report Studio:
1. Used to create complex reports.
2. It provides pre-defined report templates.
3. It does not display the data directly in the report. We need to run the report to display the data.

10. What are components of report studio?
A: Componenets of Report Studio:
1. Insertable Objects pane.
2. Properties pane.
3. Explorer bar - Conditional Explorer, Query Explorer, Page Explorer.
4. Report Viewer - Workarea, Report Layout Objects.
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