Saturday, 31 January 2015

Interview Questions for SAP FICO Part10

91.  What is Country and operational chart of account? Why do you use group chart of account? 
Operational chart of account – Day to day activities It is mandatory.
Country COA – It’s used for legal specific requirement of each country. It’s additional and optional.
Group COA used for consolidation of Company codes. This is for group consolidation purpose.

92.  What are all the segments in a Customer/Vendor master record? 
  Segments in Customer           Segments in Vendor 
-      General Data segment            General data segment
-      Company code segment         Company code segment
-      Sales area segment                 Purchasing organization Segment

93.  What is open line item management? What do you mean by clearing open line items? 
Open item management is further reconciliation function. OIM allows you to display the open and cleared items and amounts in an account. OIM should be used if an offsetting entry is made for every line item posted in the account. The a/c is reconciled and cleared against another account. Ex. Salary clearing account and GR/IR Clearing account.

94.  What is residual payment and part payment? 
Residual payment it clears original invoice with incoming amount and create new line item for remaining outstanding amount.
Partial payment it leaves the original invoice amount and creates new
line item for incoming amount.

95.  What is internal and external number ranges? 
Internal Number Ranges: Doc. No will be provided by the system automatically in serial order allotting the next available progressive number. The number must be in numerical.
External Number ranges: Doc. No will be given manually by the end user. System will not lock no automatically in this case. User can pick the number randomly. Number may be an alpha numeric.
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