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Cognos Reportnet interview questions and answers (Part2)

11. What are necessary tasks to install reportnet software
You need to do the following for a standard installation process:
(1) Verify your system requirements like RAM Minimum: 512 MB, a Web server installed and started
(2) Review the ReportNet default settings like default ReportNet ports and URI settings.
(3) Create the database for the content store which means you must create the database that is used for the content store using either Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2 UDB. ReportNet uses this database to store, organize, and retrieve
(4) Install ReportNet: Use the installation wizard to select the components you want to install and the location on your
computer where you want to install them.
(5) Set up the database client for the content store (Oracle and DB2): If you use Oracle or DB2 as the database server for the content store, additional steps are required after you install ReportNet before you can configure ReportNet.
you need to go to the 6th step only when installing on UNIX. For Windows above 5 steps are good.
(6) Update Your Java Environment: Before you can use the cryptographic operations, such as data encryption and key
management, implemented by ReportNet, you must check that the required JAR (Java Archive) files are present in your Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

12. What are components of reportnet?
ReportNet has a three-tier architecture, namely,
(1) Web server (2) Applications and (3) Data.
The tiers are based on business function, and are typically separated by firewalls. ReportNet user interfaces sit above the tiers.ReportNet user interfaces include
(a) Web-based Cognos Connection, Cognos Report Studio, and Query Studio
(b) Windows-based Framework Manager

13. How do we provide security in frame work manager for a query subject?
procedure for providing security for query subject in frame work manager is:
select querysubject -> in properties pane select ->security filters(click on edit)a specify data security wizard appears->click on add groups -> cognosnamesspace(select users and groups wizard opens)

14. I want to display zero when null values coming to report how can I do that?
You can follow this procedure :::
Lets assume revenue is the field in which we have to display null values as 0.
First create a calculated item and
Then write the expression of the cal item using If Then Else construct as
If (Revenue is null) Then ('0') Else(Revenue)
I think u can easily understand this.
Now u can see that the null values r displayed as '0' in the calculated item.
Select the data item in which you want to replace null with 0 .Go to Properties pane, Click Data Format, in this put 0 in Missing value Characters.

15. How can i create prompts in report net
Prompts is mean by the end user can be filter the data.
1. u can open the explore bar and added the new prompts page, And enter the new name.
2. u go to tool menu and track prompts button
3. u select prompts and then ok

16. Difference between filter and conditin
The difference between Filter and Condition:Condition returns true or false Ex: if Country = 'India' then ...Filter will return two types of results1.Detail information which is equal to where clause in SQL statement2.Summary information which is equal to Group by and Having clause in SQL statement

17. Can report net connect multiple datasource at a time in report creation time
Yes it can connect multiple datasources at a time when the frame work manager has the metta data regarding that datasources.

18. How can i test report in reportnet
If we wanna test the report in report net, first we can intially check by validating it in the report page.
After that we can test the out put of the report Using a sql anlyser and sql here we will be comparing the sql analyzer output with the output of the report viewer.

19. What are the various file formats involved in reportnet?
It has six (6) formats in report net. They are HTML, PDF, Excel 2000, Excel 2002, CSV, and XML format. We can see the types of formats in the report viewer on the right side .

20. How to generate IQD file from framework manager
Create a Query Subject, from the properties pane select externalise,there we have 4 options in that select IQD
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