Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wimax Objective type Questions and Answers

11. Which is the wrong statement about MAC Connection?
A More than one service can be transported on it
B It's identified by a 16-bit CID
C It's a unidirectional mapping between a BS and a SS MAC
D It's always associated to a Service Flow
Ans: A

12. How many kind of MAC headers are defined for MAC frames without payload?
A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3
Ans: C

13. Which kind of access strategy is implemented by OFDMA?
A An hybrid of FDMA-CDMA
B A pure FDMA
C An hybrid of TDMA-FDMA
D An hybrid of TDMA-CDMA
Ans: C

14. Which is not an element/functionality of the Connectivity Service Network Domain?
A ASN Gateway
B DNS Server
C AAA Server
D DHCP Server
Ans: A

15. Which entity has the final decision on every change of the QoS parameter of a Service Flow?
A Scheduler
B Authorization Module
C Radio Resource Manager
D Packet Classifier
Ans: B

16. Which is not a correct specification of the Wireless MAN-OFDM Physical Interface?
A Support of Point to Point (PTP), Point to Multipoint (PTM) and Mesh architectures
B Frequency Band > 11 Ghz
C 256 subcarriers
D Support of both TDD and FDD
Ans: B

17. How many scheduling services are defined by WiMAX Mobile/802.16e-2005
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5
Ans: D

18. What's the Association Procedure?
A The procedure by means the MS seeks for a suitable target BS in case of handoff
B The procedure by means the MS acquires and records ranging parameters of a target BS before an handoff
C The procedure by means the MS switches to the target BS during an handoff
D The procedure the MS performs at the network entry
Ans: B

19. What happen transmitting a signal with band Bs bigger than the coherence bandwidth Bc of the channel?
A All the frequencies of the transmitted signal will be approximately attenuated in the same way
B The received signal will be affected by ISI
C The received signal will be not affected by ISI
Ans: B

20. What's the relation between Coherence Time and Coherence Bandwidth of a channel?
A They're inversely related
B They're proportionally related
C They're uncorrelated
Ans: C

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