Sunday, 6 September 2015

TOP 50 vmware Objective type Questions and Answers

1.Which of the following dvPort binding types have been removed in vSphere 5?
A. Dynamic Binding
B. Ephemeral Binding
C. Static Binding
Ans: A

2.Your boss has asked you to setup 4 ESXi hosts to evaluate the new vSphere 5 release, which is the recommended install method to use in this situation?
A. Interactive Installation
B. Scripted Installation
C. vSphere Auto Deploy Installation
D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager
Ans: A

3.Your colleague has accidentally allocated more vRAM than your company are licensed for. What will happen to your virtual machines?
A. All VM's will be Powered Off
B. New VM's can not be Powered On
C. VMware will be notified
D. Nothing will happen
Ans: B

4.In an HA cluster after an initial election process, host are either:
A. Primary or Secondary
B. Master or Slave
C. King or Queen
D. Live or Standby
Ans: B

5.To get the maximum performance benefits of vNUMA it is recommended to:
A. Make sure your clusters are composed entirely of hosts with matching NUMA architecture.
B. Only use single vCPU virtual machines
C. Enable EVC on your clusters
D. Disable Hyper-Threading
Ans: A

6.What is the name of the globally unique identifier assigned to each Fibre Channel Port?
A. IP Address
B. MAC Address (Mac)
C. World Wide Name (WWN)
D. Port_ID
Ans: C

7.It is possible to Storage vMotion virtual machines that have snapshots?
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

8.What are the 4 VM Restart Priority options available on an HA Cluster?
A. Disabled, Low, Medium, High
B. Enabled, Small, Medium, Large
C. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
D. Priority, 2nd Tier, 3rd Tier, Best Effort
Ans: A

9.A memory reservation defines:
A. the amount of virtual machine memory that can be paged to the VMkernel swapfile
B. the amount of physical memory that is guaranteed to the VM
C. the maximum amount of physical memory that will be used by a VM
D. the amount of host memory reserved for the VMkernel
Ans: D

10.Which of the following installation methods installs the ESXi image directly into the Host memory?
A. Interactive ESXi Installation
B. Scripted ESXi Installation
C. vSphere Auto Deploy ESXi Installation Option
D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager
Ans: D

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