Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Top 50 V - SAT Objective type Questions and Answers

1. VSAT is the acronym for?
a)     Very Small Aperture Terminal
b)   Vertical Satellite Augmented Time-division
c)   Vertical Satellite Augmented Terminal
d)   Very Small Augmented Terminal
 Ans: a

2. VSATs are small stations with antenna diameters from?
a)     4 metres down to 10 cm
b)     6 meters down to 2 meters.
c)     2.4 meters down to 45 cm
d)     20 meters down to 5 mm
  Ans: c

3. VSATs mainly compete with 'what' for market share?
a)     Terrestrial landlines
b)     Telephone market
c)     Rupert Murdoch
d)     Mobile telephone markets
 Ans: a

4. VSATs can support all of the following.
a)      internet, data, LAN and voice/fax
b)      internet, data, LAN
c)      Data, TV, voice/fax
d)      All of the above
 Ans: a

5. Why are larger antenna needed in Asia, Africa and Latin America?
a)     Wild animals
b)     Green House gases
c)     Rain
d)     Larger Trees
Ans: c

6. DTE stands for?
a)     Data Terminating Equipment
b)     Data Terminal Equipment
c)     Data Transforming Equipment
d)     Disaster Teraforming  Ergonomics
 Ans: b

7. VSATs operate mainly in the?
a)     Ku band and C band frequencies
b)     C band only
c)     Ku band only
d)     Ku, C, F bands
 Ans: a

8. Name the two major VSAT Topology's
a)     Star and Triangle
b)     Mesh and Oblong
c)     Star and Mesh
d)     Waterfall and Dodecahedron
 Ans: c

9. With a star topology the VSAT Terminal transmits using?
a)     FDMA
b)     FLST
c)     CDMA
d)     TDMA
 Ans: d

10. With a star topology the Hub Terminal transmits using?
a)     TDMA
b)     TDM
c)     FDMA
d)     CDMA
 Ans: b

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