Friday, 4 September 2015

Top 50 Private Security Objective type Questions and Answers

1. One of the main purposes of the private security industry is the protection of
A. Privacy
B. Boundaries
C. Life
D. Possessions
Ans: C
2. Criminal law can be defined as law that
A. Governs everyday life
B. Relates to less serious offences
C. Protects the community as a whole
D. Deals with the rights and duties of one individual to another
3. How might a security operative breach a person’s right to liberty under the Human Rights Act 1998
A. By arresting them without due cause
B. By refusing entry for a valid reason
C. By asking them to leave if they are trespassing
D. By obtaining permission to search the person
4. Which of these is a principle under the Data Protection Act 1998
A. Personal data shall be used for marketing purposes
B. Personal data shall be freely transferred abroad
C. Personal data shall be subject to unlimited processing
D. Personal date shall not be kept for longer than is necessary

5. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that all premises should be
A. Clean and safe
B. Secure and protected
C. Inspected for damp every 3 months
D. Checked for noise pollution every 6 months
6. Under health and safety legislation all employees have a duty to
A. Undergo an annual health screen with a doctor to ensure that they are fit to work
B. Undertake a detailed risk assessment of their working environment at the beginning of every shift
C. Follow processes and procedures that have been put in place to protect their safety and that of others
D. Provide weekly reports to their employer to prove that they are complying with the company health and safely policy
7. A sign comprised of a red outline circle with a red cross bar means
A. Go
B. Obey
C. Danger
D. Stop
Ans: D
8. If an employee is taken to hospital as a result of an injury sustained at work, their employer has a duty under RIDDOR to
A. Pay the employee unlimited damages and costs
B. Report the incident to the Health and Safety Executive
C. Enter the incident in the accident book once the employee returns to work
D. Obtain detailed witness statement from a minimum of three people who saw the Incident
Ans: B
9. Which of these is a way of helping to prevent fire
A. Keeping fire doors propped open
B. Allowing litter to build up around fire escapes
C. Leaving combustible materials close to heat sources
D. Undertaking regular PAT testing on all electrical equipment
Ans: D
10. Oxygen is one component of the ‘triangle of fire’ and the other two are
A. Light and smoke
B. Gas and air
C. Flames and nitrogen
D. Heat and fuel
Ans: D

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