Thursday, 3 September 2015

Top 25 Google Analytics Objective type Questions and Answers

1)What are the four main components of the Google Analytics platform? (select all that apply)
 A.  Collection
 B. Configuration
 C. Continuation
 D. Processing
 E.  Progressing
 F. Recollection
 G. Reporting
Ans: A,B,D,G

2)The tracking code in Google Analytics: (select all that apply)
 A. connects data to your specific Google Analytics account
 B.  sends data back to your Google Analytics account for reporting
 C. tracks changes in your AdWords account
 D. identifies new and returning users
Ans: A,B,D

3 ) Which Analytics tracking technology would you use to collect how users interact with a web-connected ticket kiosk?
 A. Software Development Kit
 B. JavaScript Tracking Code
 C. The Measurement Protocol
Ans: C

4) Google Analytics can only recognize returning users on websites, not on mobile apps.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

5) During data processing, Google Analytics: (select all that apply)
 A. transforms your raw data from collection according to your configuration settings
 B. aggregates your data into database tables
 C.  imports data from other sources you've defined, like Google AdWords or Webmaster Tools
 D. organizes hits into sessions
 E. All of the above
Ans: E

6 ) A session in Google Analytics consists of:
A.  the reports generated by users over a specific period of time
B.  interactions or hits from a specific user for all time
 C. interactions or hits from a specific user over a defined period of time
 D. a group of users getting together in person to discuss Analytics
Ans: C

7) How can you add data to Google Analytics from other sources? (select all that apply)
 A. By linking your AdWords account to Google Analytics to import your advertising data
B.  By downloading your data from Webmaster Tools and manually importing it into Google Analytics
C.  By uploading a .csv file to Google Analytics to attach new dimensions like “Topic” and “Author” to an existing dimension like “Page Title”
 D. By using Cost Data Upload to import click and cost data from your non-AdWords advertising campaigns
Ans: C,D

8) Which of the following are configuration settings that can change how your data appears in your reports? (select all that apply)
 A. Sessions
 B. Channel Groupings
 C. Filters
 D. Users
E.  Goals
 F. Interactions
Ans: B,C,E

9) Which of the following are dimensions in Google Analytics? (select all that apply)
A. Campaign
B. Visits
C. Time on Page
D. City
E. Browser
F. Language
G. Pageviews
H. Unique Visitors
Ans: A,D,E,F
10) You can combine any metric with any dimension in a Google Analytics report.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

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