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Top 18 SAP QM Objective type Questions and Answers

1. The automatic determination of samples is a part of the inspection process. Which of the following are NOT part of the sample determination process?
a.        Sampling Scheme
b.        Sampling  Procedure
c.        Dynamic Modification Rule
d.        Sampling Condition
Answer: D

2. Which of the following are control parameters that can be set on the material master for  Quality Management.
(More than one answer is correct)
a.        MRP Type
b.        Inspection Type
c.        Sample Determination
d.        Requirements for the vendor’s QM system
Answer: b, c, d

3.  You can change ‘Master inspection characteristics’ and/or ‘Inspection methods’ with history.Which of the following are true?
a.        If you change basic data with history, the changes are not automatically made in the inspection plan, material specification or certificate profile.
b.        If you want to use a history, the Inspection characteristics with history indicator, or the Inspection methods with history indicator (or both) must be set in Customizing
c.        If you change basic data with history, the system creates a new version for the changed master record that has the same validity period as the "old" version.
d.        All of the above
Answer: D
4. The assignment of a profile to an object has a validity period. However, the profile itself does not have a validity period.
a. True
b. False
Answer: A

5. In the Quality Management (QM) component, you process quality inspections on the basis of inspection lots. You must also implement one or more components in the 
logistics supply chain, depending on your requirements for inspection lot processing.
Which of the following are FALSE?
a.        Materials Management is required if  you want to process goods issue inspections when deliveries are created.
b.        Production Planning is required if you want to process inspections during production when production orders or process orders are released
c.        Plant Maintenance is required if you want to process calibration inspections for equipment or functional locations when maintenance orders are released
Answer: A

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