Saturday, 5 September 2015

SAP QM Objective type Questions and Answers

6. With reference to Multiple Specifications in Inspection Planning , which of the following statements are true?
a.        Multiple specifications must be stored in an inspection plan.
b.        You cannot create multiple specifications using the Engineering Workbench (EWB)
c.        You can create the multiple specifications in a new inspection plan, but not on an existing inspection plan.
d.        You need to define object types permitted for multiple specifications, but not objects for each object types.
Answer: A

7. Quality Management data is primarily maintained at the:
a.        Cost Centre level
b.        Plant level
c.        Company code level
d.        Sales Organization level
Answer: B
8. ________ is a very specific way of classifying an organization’s software development methods.
a. CMM
b. ISO
c. QMS
Answer: a
9  QMP means ____________________
a. Quality Management Performance
b. Quality Management Pinciple
c. Quality Management Plan
Answer: c

10 ___________ is a formal plan that documents an entity’s management system for the environmental work to be performed.
a. QMS
b. SRM
c. QMP
Answer: c

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