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TeamWork Objective type Questions and Answers

1. The team leader has just made an impassioned plea to improve the level of cooperation that exists within the group. As the discussion develops you note:
A. All team members really seem concerned with helping each other, and working as a team
B. The majority of the team members are in favor of improving teamwork
C. The team members are split-half are in favor of improving teamwork; half would rather operate independently
D. The majority of the team members want to continue to operate independently
Ans: A

2. Which of the following statements best describes the level of risk taking, innovation, imagination, and initiative by members of the group:
A. Beware, we shoot the messenger
B. Nothing ventured, nothing gained-go for it
C. Don't rock the boat, if it's not broke don't fix it
D. Some team members seem more comfortable with risk taking and change than others
Ans: B

3. Describe the level of communication between team members:
A. In this team people are afraid to speak up and we do not listen to each other
B. Everybody speaks up, but not all team members listen
C. Everybody accurately states their view and others listen and understand what is being said-we talk together
D. Quite a few of the team members withhold their thoughts and don't listen to others
Ans: C

4. Mary, a senior member of the team, and Jose, a junior member of the team, are on opposite sides of an important issue. Both of their positions have merit. You notice that as Mary and Jose present their arguments, other team members:
A. Seem to be harsher in the criticisms of Jose's arguments
B. Are objective, and attentive to both arguments-the team values differences
C. Favor Mary slightly over Jose
D. Don't pay much attention to either viewpoint
Ans: B

5. The team gathers for the monthly progress and problem report about reaching individual and departmental objectives. Describe the meeting:
A. There is an open and realistic sharing of both progress and problems
B. Only a few team members seem to be concerned about the impact of their presentation; they attempt to build allies within the team
C. Some team members seem to be playing the political game, while others do not
D. One clique exists within this team and their presentations sound about the same-politically safe
Ans: A

6. Your team is involved in the annual planning, budgeting and strategy setting meeting. During the critique period:
A. The entire team restrains their remarks; we avoid "rocking the boat"
B. Most of the team members restrain and filter their critical remarks
C. About half of the team is unrestrained and the other half restrained
D. Conflicts and differences are openly discussed as an aid to problem solving
Ans: D

7. Your team is faced with making a decision on a very controversial and emotionally charged issue. The leader has asked for each individual to express his/her views. The first thought that comes to your mind is:
A. It is safe to express your true feelings without fear of reprisal
B. A person would be a fool to be himself in this team-don't be vulnerable
C. How open you are depends on the issue and people around you at the time
D. In the majority of cases it is best not to let your true feelings or self show
Ans: A

8. One of your team members has asked for some time on the meeting agenda to seek the help and cooperation of other team members on his/her assignment. During the ensuring team discussion you feel that:
A. Every team member is hiding their real motives and feelings
B. The majority of the team members are hiding their needs, expectations, and goals
C. Some team members are posturing to advance their hidden agendas
D. All team members are open about their real motives and feelings; we communicate honestly
Ans: D

9. All the supervisors in your department meet annually to rank the employees for salary treatment and promotional potential. You feel the discussion can best be described as:
A. Conducted in a supportive atmosphere where team members can openly express their viewpoints and are listened to
B. The atmosphere and discussion is more supportive than not
C. About average in the level of supportiveness team members exhibit toward one another
D. The willingness to express opinions, venture new or different ideas and listening could be improved
Ans: A

10. Your manager has just asked every member of the team to independently study and submit a detailed plan for implementing a total Employee Involvement/Quality program in their area of responsibility. In subsequent conversations with other team members.
A. The manager is not to be trusted, there is a hidden agenda behind all of this
B. Cooperating fully with the manager's request is easy because you can count on him/her to keep the best interests, both of the individual and team, in mind
C. Team members are suspicious but are reluctantly cooperating with the manager's request
D. You have to deal with this manager on a case by case basis, wait and see is the best policy
Ans: B

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