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Store Keeper Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21.  which two statements are true when you suspend a process instance? (Choose two.)
A. All work items are suspended, except in a Supervisor Work View.
B. If a work item is open when the process instance is suspended, the work item can still be submitted.
C. All work items remain in an allocated state until the process instance is resumed.
D. All suspended work items become hidden in the work item list.
Ans: A,D

22. Which statistical data available on the HTTP interface can indicate potential problems as per Rendezvous documentation?
a. "missed" in Inbound Packets Totals is greater than 0
b. "lost MC" in Inbound Packets Totals is greater than 0
c. "lost PTP" in Inbound Packets Totals is greater than 0
d. "retrains" in Outbound Packet Totals is greater than 2% of total "pkts"
e. "retrains" in Outbound Packet Totals is between 0.5% and 1.5% of total "pkts"
Ans: D

23. Which two statements are correct about publishing messages on wildcard subjects? (Choose two.)
a. It is allowed, provided the daemon is running in managed mode.
b. Publishing to wildcard subjects is illegal for certified delivery transports.
c. It is never allowed and the Rendezvous daemon (RVD) will throw an error.
d. It is allowed, but is not a recommended practice because it can cause unexpected behavior.
Ans: B,D

24.  which two functions does the studio-tools.exe utility provide? (Choose two)
A. Imports version 2.x projects
B. Imports version 3.x projects
C. Analyzes decision tables
D. Validates decision tables
E. Exports decision tables to Microsoft Excel
F. Imports decision tables from Microsoft Excel
Ans: A,E

25 . Concept A contains Concept B. Concept A is using Cache Only mode of object management.
Which object management mode is recommended for Concept B to use?
A. Memory Only
B. Memory Only or Cache + Memory or Cache Only
C. Memory Only or Cache Only
D. Cache + Memory or Cache Only
Ans: D

26.  which three statements about a CDD are true? (Choose three.)
A. A CDD can be associated with only one Object Management type at any given time.
B. Deployment requires both a CDD and the project.
C. Deployment requires both CDD and EAR files.
D. A project can have a one-to-many relationship with a CDD.
E. A CDD needs to be rebuilt when a new rule is added to the project.
Ans: A,C,D

27  which two JMS message types are supported by TextMessageSerializer? (Choose two.)
A. Map Message
B. Bytes Message
C. Stream Message
D. Text Message
Ans: A,D

28.   Which file must be configured with system-level settings before the TIBCO Business Events engine Starts?
C. Site Topology
D. be-engine.xml
Ans: A

29  how do you override the default event for a JMS destination?
A. Map incoming messages directly to an event in TIBCO Business Events
B. Map incoming messages only through the_ns_field in the message
C. Map incoming messages only through the_nm_fieldinthemessage
D. Map incoming messages through two fields (_ns_,_nm_) in the message
Ans: D

30  Which three TIBCO Business Events objects can be stored in cache servers? (Choose three.)
A. Scorecards
B. Global Variables
C. Rule Functions
D. Concepts
E. Events
F. Rules
Ans: D,E

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