Friday, 4 September 2015

SAP HANA Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. By default, the maximum number of rows displayed from a table is ______
  A. 1000
  B. 5000
  C. Unlimited
  D. None of the Above
Ans:   B

32. For faster reads, SAP HANA reads the tables column wise.
  A. True
  B. False
Ans:   A

33. Using SAP HANA Studio, table can be _______, ________, _______ (3 correct answers)
  A. Created manually
  B. Created using SQL
  C. Replicated from other systems
  D. Just copied from other systems
Ans:   A,B,C

34. When Administration Console is the perspective selected, which of the following can be viewed under HANA system?
  A. Catalog
  B. Content
  C. Both of them
  D. None of them
Ans:   A

35. Ultimately, SAP HANA database will replace all databases used in BI/BW, ECC and all other SAP Systems.
  A. True
  B. False
Ans:   A

36. In the SAP HANA Studio the physical tables are stored ______
  A. Under Catalogs
  B. Under Content
  C. In both
  D. Nowhere
Ans:   A

37. When deleting a table, what options can be selected? (2 correct answers)
  A. Delete Catalog Object
  B. Delete All Rows
  C. Drop The Table
  D. All of the above
Ans:   A,B

38. Users are created under ______
  A. Catalog
  B. Content
  C. Any of them
  D. None of them
Ans:   A

39. Can SAP HANA run on SUSE Linux?
  A. Yes
  B. No
Ans:   A

40. The option to send a table from Quality Assurance System to Production System is _______
  A. Use CTS+
  B. Use Import from Quality Assurance System
  C. Use Export from Quality Assurance System
  D. Use Transport Management System

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