Friday, 4 September 2015

SAP HANA Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Can SAP HANA database be used by any application, other than SAP?
  A. Yes
  B. No
Ans:   B

22. SAP HANA server can be accessed by _______
  B. Any web browser
  C. Only Internet Explorer
  D. HANA Studio
Ans:   D

23. What method is used to extract tables from ECC server in real time?
  A. SLT based table data provisioning
  B. Information Design Tool (IDT)
  C. BI R3 extraction services
  D. None of the above
Ans:   A

24. Which one of the following are components of SAP HANA Studio?
  A. Navigator
  B. Job Log
  C. Where-Used List
  D. All of the above
Ans:   D

25. How many perspectives are available in SAP HANA Studio (SPS03)?
  A. 4
  B. 8
  C. 9
  D. 10
Ans:   B

26. Which perspective is used to create joins?
  A. Administration & Modeling
  B. Debug & Modelling
  C. Modeler
  D. All of the above
Ans:   C

27. The SAP HANA system can be created within _____
  A. Modeler
  B. Resource
  C. Navigator
Ans:   C

28. Can we create multiple connections to the same SAP HANA system?
  A. Yes
  B. No
Ans:   A

29. The login user who has maximum authorizations in a SAP HANA database is ______
  A. SYS
  C. Administrator
  D. Root

 Ans:  B
30. Can the attribute views be created with 1 table?
  A. Yes
  B. No
Ans:   A

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