Friday, 4 September 2015

PPC Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31) What is the structure of an AdWords account from the top down?
  A. Account, ad group, campaign, ad text and keywords and placements
  B. Account, campaign, ad text and keywords and placements, CPC and budget
  C. Account, campaign, ad group, ad text and keywords and placements
  D. Account, budget, ad group, campaign and keywords and placements
Ans: C

32) Which three of the following changes to your campaign settings can increase traffic? (Select 3)
  A. Opting to show your ads on our content network
  B. Opting to show your ads on our search network
  C. Increasing your daily budget
  D. Targeting one local region
Ans: A,B,C

33) If a keyword has a good CTR but is not converting well, what should you try changing?
  A. The matching option
  B. The landing page
  C. The daily budget
  D. The language targeting
Ans: B

34) Which of the following does not apply to the entire AdWords account?
  A. Billing information
  B. Login email address
  C. Daily budget
  D. Account preferences
Ans: C

35) Quality Score is used by Google to: (check all that apply)
  A. determine how high your ad will be ranked.
  B. determine your site's conversion rate.
  C. determine your daily budget.
  D. determine if a keyword is eligible to enter an ad auction.
  E. determine what will be your actual CPC.
Ans: A,D,E

36) SERP is an acronym that stands for:
  A. Search Engine Ranks and Positions
  B. Search Engine Result Pages
  C. Still Everything's Ranking Poorly
  D. Search Engine Responsibility Policies
Ans: B

37) Which of the following statements is true about AdWords ad ranking?
  A. Your ad can't be locked out of the top position based solely on price
  B. Having irrelevant keywords and ad text will result in a better rank for your ad
  C. Well-targeted ads are those that target the largest number of people
  D. The advertiser who bids the most will have the highest ad rank
Ans: A

38) A (blank) is something that Google uses to match a search query with a text ad. What is (blank)?
  A. Search Query
  B. Keyword
  C. CTR
  D. Conversion Rate
  E. Text Ad
Ans: B

39) An ad with the keyword "cheap chocolate" (in quotations) would run on which of the following search queries?
  A. Quality chocolates cheap
  B. Cheap yummy chocolates
  C. Chocolate cheap and tasty
  D. 'Good cheap chocolate'
Ans: D

40) True or False. It is not possible to pause an individual text ad.
  A. True
  B. False
Ans: B

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